Photo Caption: Here’s my #fivebehindthescenes … 1. My #selfportraits have sold and gotten me exhibited every time I’ve submitted them anywhere. They tend to press or cross over the boundaries of “safe for work”, and I’m very reticent about posting them for lots of reasons. 2. I have a love/hate with photography, since burning out a few years ago. Kinda getting back into it along with my obsession for history and ephemera as @vintagereveries because I have over 200 vintage dresses to sell, still. 3. In 2011-2012 I did a lot of work in trade for someone with a literal ton of vintage, and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Burned out on that, too. 4. I’m a feminist and optimistic humanist, and am increasingly speaking up. 5. My first job was in a pickle factory. I dropped out of 8th grade but graduated with a 4 year university degree at 23. It’s the biggest compliment that people who casually know me never guess at the crazy dysfunction and poverty that I worked so hard to escape in my early 20s, and I’m still surprised that I can pass as a normal person with Boo on my head 😜 …….. Nominated for this by @theavianjunkie nominating @aub_k @boba_nett @little_husky_mama @angeleyeddan @megan.marie_and_cookie.birdy if they feel like doing it. #selfportraitsaturday #selfiesaturday #surreal #aboutme #feminist #humanist #selfie #surrealsaturdays #fivefacts #fivefactsaboutme

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