Photo Caption: Tagged and inspired by @parrotsrus … Here’s my #meetthephotographer … Where to end? Goodness I’m typing on a cell or otherwise this would already be four paragraphs. I never know what to say about myself but I have a zillion random anecdotes. I am 36 and in a perpetual career crisis because I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I have a difficult time focusing. I am debating whether not I should get an 8 to 5 job or continue trying until my savings runs out. My birds and this Instagram and Facebook are my escape. It’s kind of amazing that 20 years ago I was whacked out from being overmedicated, in my second full year of accredited college courses at the community college (I was an unconventional drop out, my psychopathic mother couldn’t decide whether there was something wrong with me or whether the system was personally after us). So the past few years since moving in with my boyfriend I’ve been slacking a little bit and getting somewhat of an emotional rest from a pretty damn interesting but roller coaster of a life, that just really began in September of 1996… I’m an open book and tmi blurter when I am typing at a keyboard. I keep others secrets way better than my own. Having Boo since early 2000 has saved me from being too self destructive in my lowest moments. I’m not fearless, I just get bored easily. I love listening to people who have led full lives and who have different ways of seeing things. The Internet is, and always has been since I first got on aol 1996, my favorite place in the world. So many cool people to connect with and cool ideas to read about! I tagged a few random people 😎😎😎😎
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