Photo Caption: Went to the old lady buffet and solved America’s problems with my retired teacher friend. She taught at all the bad schools during the desegregation in the late 60s and until the mid 90s after growing up in the tenement housing of pre-project postwar #stlouis I think that she never got married or had kids because her first love was a black man and it was a secret relationship. I should probably be recording our conversations. She totally knows how organized crime, street justice, and low end sexworkers work. She still lives in a rough neighborhood that I won’t go to after dark. You would mistake her as a batty middle class old lady from south county with too much makeup and an attempt at a bouffant. Every time I talk to her I come away with a new respect. She is voting for #berniesanders and making sure that her neighbors are registered to vote too. I wonder what people who overhear our conversations must think!

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